Nathan Snedden

Senior Fashion Merchandising Major with Minors in Business & Advertising


About: “I’ve always loved fashion since a young age. I became more interested and involved in fashion as time went on. I would love to one day work for a fashion magazine.”

Special Skills: “I’m proficient in photoshop, indesign, and Microsoft office. I’m very interested in editing photos and videos.”
Why He’s An FBA Member: “To gain more knowledge, make connections, and participate in fashion-related events.”

In 5 Years: “I hope to be working in the city as a creative director.”





Taylor Harvey

Sophomore Photography Major with a Focus in Photography


About: “The name is Taylor. I’m an art major with a focus in photography. I plan to be a fashion photographer and promote body positivity!”

Special Skills: “I’m interested in fashion photography, as well as design and styling.”

Why She’s An FBA Member: “This is my first year as a member of FBA. I’m a member because I have a huge interest in fashion. I love all of the events we’ve been involved in.”

In 5 Years: I hope to be doing fashion photography, or working in the fashion industry while living in New York. Eventually, London!”





Jennifer Giesler

Junior Fashion Merchandising Major


About: “I’m a 20 year old merchandising major from Maryland. I’ve recently studied fashion abroad in Italy.”

Special Skills: “Proficient in InDesign, Photoshop, and Excel. I also have retail experience with Gap Inc. and Abercrombie.”

Why She’s An FBA Member: “I love being around people who share the same interest in fashion. Being able to take a trip to Pittsburgh and see a fashion show or even help with local fashion shows is the reason why I joined. I have been a member since freshman year.”

In 5 Years: “In five years, I see myself in New York city or London, England buuying for a large department store.”





Jacob Klettner

Sophomore French Major with a Photography Minor


About: “Bonjour! My name is Jacob Klettner and I am a Sophomore at West Virginia University. I’m a french major/photography minor who dreams of working in the fashion industry.”

Special Skills: “I specialize in fashion/modeling photography. I especially love styling, or putting outfits together.”

Why He’s An FBA Member: “This is my first year as a member of FBA. I joined because I wanted to get more involved with fashion on campus. I love the people I’ve met and all of the things I’ve learned thus far.”

In 5 Years: “My dream job is working in the fashion industry, either with writing or photography (or both!). I love not only being creative, but promoting the creativity of others.”





Catarina Hong

Junior Fashion Merchandising Major


About: “My name is Catarina Hong. I just switched my major to fashion merchandising from premed. I love this major way more because I love clothes! My entire life as a little girl, I’ve always loved shopping. With my love of styling and picking out clothes, I hope to become a buyer. This career goal will call for the skills I already possess, such as: organization, time management, quick to learn, and love to bargain. With FBA, I hope I will be able to gain more experiences before heading out in search of my big career.”

Special Skills: “Being able to keep up with what is new and trendy.”

Why She’s An FBA Member: “I am a member of FBA because I wanted to join a club that would help expand on my electives outside of school. I love that we attended fashion shows, and worked under UGG Australia. This is my first semester as a member, and I really enjoy it!”

In 5 Years: “I hope to be a buyer for a large fashion company that allows me to travel around to scout new merchandise that would eventually be sold on the floor. This is my dream goal/major goal for the future.”





Julia Celorio

Sophomore Fashion Design Major


About: “I have always been interested in fashion, ever since I was a little girl. I saw the struggle my mother and older sister went through for being curvy women and for not having an insane amount of money to pay for things. I have grown up to appreciate what life gives you, and to work for the things it couldn’t. I know i have a long journey ahead of me. One day, I wish to own my own boutique with my own designs, which will have a somewhat Latin feel to them. I want women to feel sexy and confident about themselves in my clothing. I want to be able to schedule my own hours at some point. I know it’ll be a lot of work, but I’m very excited to be involved and try different things to better myself as a designer and help women feel powerful and good about themselves.”

Special Skills: “I know basic sewing and I’m still trying to learn more about production and development of the product. I am currently looking for a retail job and I’m willing to learn anything and everything.”

Why She’s An FBA Member: ” I love being a part of this club, and being involved. I have only been a member of FBA for this semester.”

In 5 Years: “I wish to become a designer one day. I want to own a boutique with my own designs.”





Erica Young

Freshman Fashion Design and Merchandising Major


About: “I am a first year fashion major at WVU who is passionate about fashion and clothes and wants to get involved in the industry as much as possible.”

Special Skills: “I have an eye for what looks good and what can be put together, even when it may be considered unconventional.”

Why She’s An FBA Member: “I have just recently joined FBA, but I love it because it gives me an opportunity to do what I love while also making new friends.”

In 5 Years: “I see myself established in the fashion industry, preferably as a stylist.”

Members Not Pictured

Haleigh Gaskins

Angela Lehtimaki

Kellie Wood