Madison Kaylynne Meadows

Senior Fashion Design and Merchandising Major with a Minor in Business Administration


About: “”.

Special Skills: “”.

Why She’s An FBA Officer: “”.

In 5 Years: “”.

Vice President:

Katherine Gonzales

Senior Fashion Merchandising Major with Minors in Business Administration, Advertising, and Public Relations

About: “I want to attend law school and become a Fashion/Intellectual Property lawyer.”

Special Skills: “I have organized and put on many fashion shows.”

Why She’s An FBA Officer: “I am the Vice President of the FBA because I want to help other students get to know people in the industry and be involved in events.”

In 5 Years: “I see myself representing designer and fashion corporations legally.”



Jacqie Brooks

Senior Fashion Merchandising Major with Minors in Business Administration and Public Relations


About: “Jacqie is a fashion merchandising major at WVU with minors in both business administration and public relations. She plans to work in fashion journalism, and her dream job is to be a fashion editor at Marie Claire and to study human psychology within the fashion industry. She also enjoys Shakespeare, red lipstick, black coffee, French interior design, baking, and listening to ’80s rock on vinyl.”

Special Skills: “I have a particular interest in color theory and the human behavior aspect of fashion. The psychology fascinates me.”

Why She’s An FBA Officer: “I love being able to help younger students get involved in the industry, in their classes. I also like getting to know other students and hearing about various opportunities.”

In 5 Years: “I see myself writing at a major fashion publication and living in either NYC, California, or London. My dream job is being an editor for the fashion and beauty editorial section of Marie Claire.”



Kellie Crane

Senior Fashion Merchandising Major with a Minor in Business Administration


About: “I am a fashion merchandising major with a business minor. My goal is to become a buyer for a retail market or a boutique, such as Nordstrom, Saks, or Francesca’s. I could see myself living anywhere from New York City to Austin, Texas. I completed an internship at Triple S Harley Davidson here in Morgantown, WV. I was the motor-clothes buyer assistant and completed well over the required 150 hours of work. I have participated in FBA since Fall of 2011, and look forward to all the events for the upcoming year.”

Special Skills: “I enjoy staying up-to-date with fashion trends, whether it is a staple item or a fad. I also love volunteering and participating in fashion shows.”

Why She’s An FBA Officer: “I have been an FBA officer since Fall of 2012. I began as the association’s secretary, and then switched to being treasurer for two years running. I enjoy this position because it allows me to practice budgeting, which I will do in my career as a buyer.”

In 5 Years: “I plan to have finished my MBA and will be working for a large retailer. Any city with corporate retail offices could be where I end up. Catering to target markets as a buyer definitely interests me the most.”


Historian/Social Media Coordinator:

Linzi Smith

Junior Fashion Merchandising Major


About: “Junior at WVU. I am a loving, passionate, and ambitious student.”

Special Skills: “I studied abroad in various locations in Italy. I have a strong passion for styling and being hands-on with clothing. I’m currently a retail associate at Forever 21.”

Why She’s An FBA Officer: “I am the Historian/Social Media Coordinator for FBA because I wanted to step up in the club and take responsibility. I have been a member since Fall 2012. I am new to my officer position this year, 2014.”

In 5 Years: “I hope to build a career in the fashion industry in possibly visual merchandising, buying, or styling. Any opportunity would be amazing to help launch my career.”


Event Coordinator:

Kira Carew

Sophomore Fashion Design and Merchandising Major


About: “I am a sophomore and a fashion design student. Currently, I am the event planner for FBA and involved in modeling for the Design & Merchandising division. I have also spent a semester interning with SustainU clothing, a local, sustainable clothing company located here in Morgantown.”

Special Skills: “I am looking to further my knowledge and experience in the future of fashion through 3D Printing and BioCouture.”

Why She’s An FBA Officer: “I wanted to become as involved as possible with FBA because it is a great resource to utilize through school. Not only are there great connections to be made, but I am also looking forward to working with fellow student to push FBA agendas and follow through with ideas in the works.”

In 5 Years: “I am very interested in the design portion of the future integration of technology and fashion.”