Last week we introduced officer elections for the 2016-2017 school year. There are 6 officer positions available and if you are interested in having a position please email your resume and cover letter to Once you send in those documents you will be asked to meet with the current officers to talk with us and answer any questions we may have for you or that you have for us.
Positions available:

– -President
– -Vice President
– -Secretary
– -Treasurer
– -Social Media Coordinator/Historian
– -Event Coordinator

What you will need:

– -Resume
– -Cover Letter
– -“Why I want to be…”–in which you will tell us why you should be
the desired position in 100 words or less.
– -A 3-5 minute presentation (lecture) describing what makes you a good

Filling these officer positions has a lot of benefits–
You really get to steer the direction of the club and organize events. It’s an amazing addition to your resume. You are able to take on a leadership position. And it’s fun, above all else.