The women of WVU AAUW (American Association of University Women) had asked us at the Fashion Business Association to participate in the second annual Women’s Empowerment Night. The event was filled with activities like adult coloring, fraternity serenades, nail painting, a “ladies against humanity” card game, trivia with questions about famous women in history, a knitting circle and of course our Women in Business Attire fashion show. The fashion show showed women what is appropriate to wear to work in the real world and what outfits are causal but still professional. The show only lasting 5 minutes was both fashionable and empowering. “The show was fun! and having the girls walk to Beyonce (Who run the world: Girls) was perfect” said Ashley who was watching the show from the front row.

After our show guest speaker Spencer Wempe, spoke about her experience with rape and violence, it was very moving. “I think this is a chance to remind yourself that you are worth it, to take care of yourself…””…and then on the other hand this is to educated on the different issues that women have in society” said Sabrina Ridenour the founding president of WVU AAUW.

AAUW as a whole, huge organization, has a number of issues that we focus on, and we thought that we could bring all of those together, educate the students here while empowering them”- Ridenour