This past Tuesday Sept. 1st the Fashion Business Association of West Virginia University held their first meeting. At 7pm people started coming in and taking a seat as we welcomed them to the first meeting of the semester. Starting right away we introduced our new 2015-2016 FBA officers who are:

Lindsey Stout- President

Diamond Stevenson- Vice President

Emily Sherrard- Secretary

Melissa Escobar- Tresurer

Jacob Klettner- Social Media/Historian

We then showed a PowerPoint on what the Fashion Business Association is, what we do and events that we participate in during the school year. We then got to the main part of the meeting, the pizza! Just kidding, we talked about the importance of internships and how they will help you in the job market after you graduate college.

We had two guest speakers from the Davis College come in and talk to us about how to find internships, what are good companies to chose from and who is not good to work for. Nora MacDonald and Hannah Gnegy presented us with a list of interview questions to help prepare us, a list of “key words” to use in our cover letters and resumes, and gave a list of companies that West Virginia University has connections with that are willing to work with the department in order to help get students jobs and internships during or after graduation.


Overall the meeting was a huge success with 28 potential new members ranging from freshman to seniors. We answered questions, ate pizza, and felt more in control of our future because of everything that we learned. Thank you to all that attended! See you for the next meeting September 22nd.