Hot Chocolate! Hot Chocolate! Come and Get Some Hot Chocolate!

FBA Treasurer Kellie Crane mixes hot chocolate while staying warm!

The Fashion Business Association held a fundraising event on Friday, January 16th on WVU’s Downtown campus across from the Mountainlair. Because of the super chilly weather, the event was titled “Snuggle Up with FBA”! This fundraising event provided students and faculty with the opportunity to purchase hot chocolate with an array of topping choices including marshmallows, chocolate syrup, peppermint candies, whipped cream, cinnamon powder, and sprinkles. Patrons were able to “dress” their hot chocolate to perfection! The warm beverage was sold for $1 with extra toppings at an additional 50-cent charge.

The booth was decorated with burlap pendants, table runners, mason jars, and lace. This made for a fashionable fundraising experience! Who doesn’t want to warm up on their way to class? The Fashion Business Association has everyone in mind on these chilly January afternoons.

“…Dressed to perfection!”

The event happened once again on the following Friday, January 22nd on the 4th floor of Percival/Allen Hall on the Evansdale Campus. This portion of the fundraiser also included a variety of bakery treats baked with love by FBA’s very own officers! Overall, FBA would declare this fundraiser a success!

Thanks for keeping warm with FBA!

Article: Linzi Smith (FBA Historian/Social Media Coordinator)
Editor: Madison Kaylynne (FBA President)