(Mood Boards created by FBA Members and Officers at the Association Meeting.)

FBA President, Madison Meadows, and Vice President, Katherine Gonzales, discuss the topic of Mood Boards.

The Fashion Business Association’s “mood board” meeting was held on September 29, 2014 in the Mountainlair. Members were given the opportunity to develop a physical representation of their latest inspiration via the production of personal mood boards. Supplies, such as popular fashion publications, the boards themselves, adhesives, and a variety of paper crafts were provided by FBA. Some of the mood boards created communicated specific themes or ideas, such as denim, mod culture, and beauty aesthetic.

FBA Officers and Members alike work diligently on their personal mood boards.

FBA President, Madison Meadows, gave a slideshow presentation on the topic as well. She briefly discussed suggestions and creative guidelines for creating mood boards and what purpose they serve in the fashion industry. Mood boards are used as communication tools to convey an idea or project for a company or client, using images or swatches to express source inspiration, color, texture, and overall atmosphere. The mood boards created by FBA members at the meeting were collected to be displayed at the Association’s WVUp All Night Photo booth later that week.


Be inspired!

Article & Photography: Linzi Smith, FBA Historian/Social Media Coordinator

Editor: Madison Kaylynne, FBA President