WVU Instructor Elijah Pollard discusses Study Abroad Opportunities to the Fashion Business Association.

The Fashion Business Association welcomed special guest speaker, Elijah Pollard, to present at our September 15th meeting. Pollard is a Fashion Design and Merchandising Professor for the Davis College here at West Virginia University. He teaches courses such as Fashion Illustration and Fashion Design Portfolio. When he’s not working with students, he spends his time creating art in multiple genres (painting, film, etc.), working with a variety of record labels, and performing with his band, The Furr.

FBA Members wait patiently for an exciting, informational evening.

Pollard was present to discuss the Bohemian Culture and Design study abroad opportunity for students of all majors, scheduled to occur over summer 2015. The two-week summer program worth 3 credits is extremely versatile and can be geared to focus on any one student’s interests within the field of design. This can include fashion, interior design, design studies, photography, architecture, art, and much more. Students participating will be given the chance to develop and execute new work based on their immersion in Bohemian culture. During the two week time frame, the program guides students throughout the capital city of Prague, Czech Republic, Austria, and parts of Bohemia. Pollard presented a depiction of the previous summer’s experiences which included an entertaining video summary produced by FBA member Catarina Hong. A question and answer session followed the presentation, as well as sign-ups for information. Bohemian Culture and Design is a fantastic program to boost your resume and gain experience on both a global and cultural platform.

FBA President, Madison Kaylynne Meadows, organizes upcoming FBA events at the Association Meeting.

Pollard went on to announce the addition of a new program set to occur over spring break of 2015 entitled Culture & Community in El Salvador. This program only spans over 1 week and is worth 1 course credit. Students will travel to the capital, San Salvador, then move further into the countryside to a village to complete a community service project before spending time on one of the many beautiful beaches.  All majors are welcome.

The Fashion Business Association would like to extend another big thank you to Elijah Pollard for an exciting, informational evening!

You can watch FBA Member Catarina Hong’s Video on the Program Below:

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