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Meeting Number Two

We were super excited to see a full house at the second meeting of FBA for the year! We discussed topics such as this semesters December showcase, fundraisers throughout the semester, and things we would like to accomplish before this semester is over. For the December showcase we will be showing exclusive designs from our own designers from the design program. We are still researching on where the event with be taking place because of space, money, and also availability. But will have a decision before the next meeting approaches. If you have any questions about the December showcase be sure to contact us and we are happy to answer them. We also discussed future fundraisers that we hope to have members help when having them this upcoming semester. Were excited to have such an  eventful semester so be sure to come out and get involved!! Also be sure to follow us on all of our social media at WVUFBA to stay up to date on upcoming events!!IMG_4949-1.JPG

Interested in becoming an FBA officer?

Last week we introduced officer elections for the 2016-2017 school year. There are 6 officer positions available and if you are interested in having a position please email your resume and cover letter to Once you send in those documents you will be asked to meet with the current officers to talk with us and answer any questions we may have for you or that you have for us.
Positions available:

– -President
– -Vice President
– -Secretary
– -Treasurer
– -Social Media Coordinator/Historian
– -Event Coordinator

What you will need:

– -Resume
– -Cover Letter
– -“Why I want to be…”–in which you will tell us why you should be
the desired position in 100 words or less.
– -A 3-5 minute presentation (lecture) describing what makes you a good

Filling these officer positions has a lot of benefits–
You really get to steer the direction of the club and organize events. It’s an amazing addition to your resume. You are able to take on a leadership position. And it’s fun, above all else.

February 15 meeting details

Did you miss our meeting? Well click the link below to recap what we went over. If you have any questions or want to become a member email us at

Screenshot (327).png

Women’s Empowerment Night AAUW


The women of WVU AAUW (American Association of University Women) had asked us at the Fashion Business Association to participate in the second annual Women’s Empowerment Night. The event was filled with activities like adult coloring, fraternity serenades, nail painting, a “ladies against humanity” card game, trivia with questions about famous women in history, a knitting circle and of course our Women in Business Attire fashion show. The fashion show showed women what is appropriate to wear to work in the real world and what outfits are causal but still professional. The show only lasting 5 minutes was both fashionable and empowering. “The show was fun! and having the girls walk to Beyonce (Who run the world: Girls) was perfect” said Ashley who was watching the show from the front row.

After our show guest speaker Spencer Wempe, spoke about her experience with rape and violence, it was very moving. “I think this is a chance to remind yourself that you are worth it, to take care of yourself…””…and then on the other hand this is to educated on the different issues that women have in society” said Sabrina Ridenour the founding president of WVU AAUW.

AAUW as a whole, huge organization, has a number of issues that we focus on, and we thought that we could bring all of those together, educate the students here while empowering them”- Ridenour


First Meeting of the 2015 Fall Semester


This past Tuesday Sept. 1st the Fashion Business Association of West Virginia University held their first meeting. At 7pm people started coming in and taking a seat as we welcomed them to the first meeting of the semester. Starting right away we introduced our new 2015-2016 FBA officers who are:

Lindsey Stout- President

Diamond Stevenson- Vice President

Emily Sherrard- Secretary

Melissa Escobar- Tresurer

Jacob Klettner- Social Media/Historian

We then showed a PowerPoint on what the Fashion Business Association is, what we do and events that we participate in during the school year. We then got to the main part of the meeting, the pizza! Just kidding, we talked about the importance of internships and how they will help you in the job market after you graduate college.

We had two guest speakers from the Davis College come in and talk to us about how to find internships, what are good companies to chose from and who is not good to work for. Nora MacDonald and Hannah Gnegy presented us with a list of interview questions to help prepare us, a list of “key words” to use in our cover letters and resumes, and gave a list of companies that West Virginia University has connections with that are willing to work with the department in order to help get students jobs and internships during or after graduation.


Overall the meeting was a huge success with 28 potential new members ranging from freshman to seniors. We answered questions, ate pizza, and felt more in control of our future because of everything that we learned. Thank you to all that attended! See you for the next meeting September 22nd.

First Association Meeting of Spring 2015: Nora MacDonald Speaks on Disegno Italia

The Fashion Business Association held their first meeting of the Spring 2015 semester on January 29th, 2015 in the Mountaineer Room of the Mountainlair.


To start the meeting, one of the amazing faculty members within the Design and Merchandising department, Professor Nora MacDonald, spoke on an incredible study abroad experience. Disegno Italia is a four-week, six-credit program that allows students to venture to the beautiful country of Italy. Students are immersed in a different culture living in both San Giovanni Valdarno, located in Tuscany, and Milan. Various courses are offered during the last two weeks while staying in Milan. These include fashion styling, photography, graphic design, and many more! MacDonald gave an informative presentation leaving everyone with absolute wanderlust! For more information regarding Disegno Italia, please visit

After the brilliant presentation, the Fashion Business Association discussed important upcoming events of involvement, including Evolution of Design 2015. Evolution of Design is a Fashion Show Event that serves to bring emerging WVU professionals together in collaboration across multiple creative disciplines. The event will take place on Saturday, April 18th, 2015. FBA is one of the three student organizations that serve as a connection point for students who are interested to become involved as volunteers of the event. Volunteer positions will be filled in Back of House Production/Dressing, Styling, Front of House Production, Ushering, Decoration, and much more. Members of the Fashion Business Association will be given priority of choice regarding positions and time of shifts. If you are interested in any of these volunteer positions, please contact us at, or via the Contact Page. If you wish to learn more about Evolution of Design 2015, check out the event on Facebook at

10420327_10153097095145786_1906584434543754945_nLastly, order forms were distributed for Official Fashion Business Association Baseball Tees! The shirt will be white with blue sleeves, as seen in the featured image. The Baseball Tees are $19 in sizes S, M, and L. Sizes XL and 2XL incur an extra charge. If you are a non-member and would like a shirt, there is a temporary member fee of $3. This is great way to represent the Fashion Business Association in style on campus here at WVU! If you would like to order an Official FBA Baseball Tee, please contact our Vice President/Merchandise Coordinator Katherine Gonzales via our Officer Page or Contact Page.

A busy semester lies ahead of the Fashion Business Association! Our next association meeting will take place on Thursday, February 26th. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the most up-to-date information regarding meeting times/locations and events!

Article: Linzi Smith (FBA Historian/Social Media Coordinator) & Madison Kaylynne
Editor: Madison Kaylynne (FBA President)

Snuggle Up With FBA: Hot Chocolate Fundraiser

Hot Chocolate! Hot Chocolate! Come and Get Some Hot Chocolate!

FBA Treasurer Kellie Crane mixes hot chocolate while staying warm!

The Fashion Business Association held a fundraising event on Friday, January 16th on WVU’s Downtown campus across from the Mountainlair. Because of the super chilly weather, the event was titled “Snuggle Up with FBA”! This fundraising event provided students and faculty with the opportunity to purchase hot chocolate with an array of topping choices including marshmallows, chocolate syrup, peppermint candies, whipped cream, cinnamon powder, and sprinkles. Patrons were able to “dress” their hot chocolate to perfection! The warm beverage was sold for $1 with extra toppings at an additional 50-cent charge.

The booth was decorated with burlap pendants, table runners, mason jars, and lace. This made for a fashionable fundraising experience! Who doesn’t want to warm up on their way to class? The Fashion Business Association has everyone in mind on these chilly January afternoons.

“…Dressed to perfection!”

The event happened once again on the following Friday, January 22nd on the 4th floor of Percival/Allen Hall on the Evansdale Campus. This portion of the fundraiser also included a variety of bakery treats baked with love by FBA’s very own officers! Overall, FBA would declare this fundraiser a success!

Thanks for keeping warm with FBA!

Article: Linzi Smith (FBA Historian/Social Media Coordinator)
Editor: Madison Kaylynne (FBA President)

Annual Holiday Gathering: Ugly Christmas Sweaters at Iron Horse Tavern

(FBA Officers Linzi Smith and Jacqie Brooks are all smiles at the FBA Holiday Party.)

The Fashion Business Association held their last meeting of the fall semester on December 8, 2014: The Annual Holiday Gathering. The Association met at a local restaurant by the name of “The Iron Horse Tavern” for an Ugly Christmas Sweater Bash. The event included Team Trivia, the Ugliest Sweater Prize, and super scrumptious appetizers and dishes! FBA loves Iron Horse!

FBA Member Taylor Harvey poses with her prize for Ugliest Christmas Sweater.

Sophomore member, Taylor Harvey, received the prize for ‘Ugliest Christmas Sweater’ of the evening. Harvey was awarded with a Christmas stocking stuffed full of holiday goodies provided by the Fashion Business Association. Other members received holiday cards from FBA with $10 inside for a holiday treat of their choosing!

All officers and members enjoyed the evening knowing the semester has finally come to an end! All members in attendance worked together to play their best two rounds of trivia. Although FBA did not come in first, we came close! The fall semester for the Fashion Business Association is officially a wrap. We enjoyed going out in ‘Ugly Christmas Sweater’ style!

Happy Holidays!

Article: Linzi Smith (FBA Historian/Social Media Coordinator)
Editor: Madison Kaylynne (FBA President)

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